Construction has been part of our business for 29 years with home maintenance including deck and fence installations, garage and room additions, door and window installations.  We are a full service General Contractor in all aspects.  

In addition to working closely with lumber and hardware outlets, it is the customer and local vendors we depend on for referrals and as our repeat customers. Without you, there would be no purpose. High satisfaction for the customer is our goal and will never be forgotten in our mission to maintain our business.



 Experienced Radio Broadcast, Satellite, and Home Contracting Business since 1986

Vanities, Toilets, Drywall, Showers, Tile Work

Vinyl, Tile, Carpeting, Snap and Lock Tile Installation or Repair

Decks, Fences, Cabinets, Wooden Swing Sets, Siding and/or Siding Repairs 

Faucets, Sinks, Garbage Disposals, Countertops, Dishwashers

Interior and Exterior Doors, Patio Doors, Screen Doors, Storm Doors, Single and Double Doors, and Garage Doors

Interior and Exterior Painting

Light Duty Repair, Installation of Ceiling Fans, and  Light Switches


Casements, Sliders, Double-hung, Single-hung, Bow, Trim Work, Interior and Exterior Repair


Radio Broadcast and Satellite Contracting


  * OSHA Certified and Certified in Tower Rescue.

  * Installation of equipment for The National Weather Service.

  * Installation of equipment from antenna's ranging from ERI, Jampro, and Shivley, Transmitter brands where techincal service or installation has    

     been performed includes the likes of Harris, (Gates) Broadcast Electronics, Continental, Nautel, McMartin, Crown, and Bauer, just to name a few. 

  * Installation of audio processing from Orban to Omia, to Emergency Alert Systems (EAS) from TFT and Sage are part of the techincal process we


  * Automation System installs for Prophet (RSC), SmartCaster, Scott Systems, and AudioVault from Broadcast Electronics. 

  * Remote control system installations include GSC-2500 and 3000 from Gentner, Arc-16 from Burk, to Sine and TFT. 

  * Audio Console installations have included brands of AudioArts, McMartin, Teac, Howe (VCA), Harris, BE, and Warden/Beck to name a few. Studio

     construction has ranged from on-air to production, and whether analog or digital the interfacing to the stations sources and outputs are a

     requirement to be fully functional.

  * Installation of Nautel 30.

  * Other aspects of our electronic service require level and phasing control, amplifier repair and setup, audio and RF proofs from studio consoles, to

     antenna signal sweeps, and, of course, on-air emergency service and repair.

  * Installation of radio consoles and commericial construction renovation for Omaha Public Schools for 17 years. 

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