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Chuck Ramold

President / CEO

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"YOUR BUSINESS IS WHY WE ARE IN BUSINESS" has been our trademark from the start, because without you, the customer, we would not be here.


Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Ramold Contracting, Inc. strives for good communication with customers by listening first to the customer and then by providing quality customer service and products to always make you the client number one. Our belief is "if it isn't good enough for us as a company, then it is not good enough for you as a customer". Good workmanship and ongoing relationships with vendors, distributors, and repeat clients only makes us strive to do better for the customer.


Ramold Contracting, Inc. has a long standing reputation as they have been in business since 1985 as Ramar Contracting, later becoming Ramold Contracting, Inc. The business came together from a concept where the broadcasting and construction industry crossed paths with many of the same.  At the time, it was hard to find contractors and vendors who understood the detailed scope of the broadcast industry and what was involved to meet the standards required. Being in the radio and television industry at the time, it was frustrating to explain the projects of work to be completed from the aspects of studio equipment and cabinetry to building tower sites with transmitter and antenna installations where fences were required but careful detail to the ground system had to be considered. Multi-lighting of studio's and sites was required. Careful code wiring, grounding, acoustics, sound barriers, floor covering, carpeting, masonary, window and door installations, and cabinet woodworking with regard to laminating and coving were all to be considered.  In many cases, contractors found it hard to work in protocol with one another to accomplish the final product, which was to broadcast in a good working and code efficient environment. 


As an employee of a radio station at the time, I worked to find those contractors and eventually was placed in a role of as General Contractor. Other radio stations I had assisted were in the same dilemma. Branching out to other radio stations I had contact with, and later becoming clients, it was discovered that many of those radio station managers and owners did not want to deal with the drudgery of projects as I had, thus the beginning of a full service on-call and technical service engineering firm that provided a full turn-key renovation and construction service.


As a result of working closely with hardware and lumber retail outlets, it was suggested to expand to the residental home and commercial venue.  Ramold Contracting, Inc. expanded with customers ranging from local and regional radio stations, customers in the grocery and clothing retail outlets, along with private home customers.


When working with a firm in Omaha known as Payless Cashways, CAD work with home estimating and deck construction was prominently performed. Deck, fence, garage door, and window installations have been the primary function in the home construction area with the promotional assistance of our lumber and hardware vendors and, of course, word of mouth of our repeat customers.


The engineering segment of what we started has only made us understand better what is required to accomplish complete projects whether it has been electronic, electrical, or in the entire construction industry.   


"Your business is why we are in business."


Chuck Ramold

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